Thursday, December 04, 2014

Month of Faves: Six Degrees Of Separation (Books)

A Little Story
This morning I decided to read 
The title reminded that instead of looking elsewhere, maybe we should be satisfied with--

But the author's surname reminded me of a novel set in London:

Which was about vampires and so was 

But these vampires were in San Francisco and so was

Which was a very good novel written by a man about a woman. So was
And that reminded me of a very good novel written by a woman about a man

Which brought me full circle because Mr. Loverman, an Antiguan by birth, was living


 This little story was brought to you in response to Day Four of
  A month long  blog event hosted by


  1. Oh I love your list! All seem so naturally linked! Great job :)

  2. Thank you! I'm a little confused about the rules and stuff, but I'll just let this stand as is for now. Looking forward to what everyone else does.

  3. Isn't this game a bit like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? I love the circular aspect, and the way we are all finding connections between apparently unrelated books. ~Bellezza (

  4. It would be fun to take someone's last book as a starting point and carry on a chain--but much too complicated.

  5. Oh, what a fun journey! I love that you got back to the starting point!

  6. I had a good time with it. I liked the way you linked yours to a real trip.

  7. Loved this! I think you got the idea perfectly - which is to have fun and connect books :-)

  8. Thanks, this whole Month of Faves is fun.

  9. Oh, I love the way you formatted this!

  10. Thank you! I like to keep my graphics simple--it leaves more time for reading.

  11. This story was very cool! I loved how you turned it into a story. Super creative!

  12. Thank you! It was fun and I got a chance to highlight some of my favorites.