Monday, December 08, 2014

It's All So Grand

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Oh, my aching body! Spent yesterday removing defunct strings of Christmas lights from pre-wired artificial tree.  Someone sure did a good job when they put that together, too bad the lights are kaputt.

Shoulders and back aching, this morning I set out for the Y to swim the kinks out of my muscles. Ah, that felt good. Good enough that I ran a few errands after leaving the pool.

Then home for lunch and some blogging, maybe a review.

Sixty-nine, count 'em, 69, emails stacked in my in box because I didn't log on before going out this morning.

And among them a note from the library that the DVD I borrowed is due tomorrow. Drat, they won't renew DVDs so I'll have to watch it.

Which means that I will have to read the book which I checked out at the same time. Idea was to read the book, then watch the film version of it.

Everything else was put on hold. My daughter wandered in. Glanced at the DVD and asked "Do you remember that there was a reference to that film in the movie "The Apartment?"  She described the scene with Jack Lemmon sitting down to watch TV and this movie is on.

So I started reading.  In the early pages a man at the bar orders a Louisiana Flip.  "What the heck is that?"  I ask Google.

Google responds wonderfully sending me to a web site with a brief essay about a  "...frivolous experiment we performed last night. In the Oscar-winning movie [title removed by MG because this is a quiz] there is a scene where one of the main characters orders a drink called a Louisiana Flip."

What book am I reading? What movie will I be watching tonight?

If you still need a hint (there at least 3 clues in this post), it was covered in German Lit Month IV  
(or see fine print at the bottom of this post).

So back to my reading.

Here is a link to above mentioned essay


  1. Another good story in this post! :)

    I thought I had found which movie it was until I've discovered there was another one, much older, with a nearly similar title (thank you to your GR shelf ;)

    So, I'll say you're reading 'Grand Hotel' by Vicki Baum and you'll be watching 'Grand Hotel' by Edmund Goulding.
    Have a good time!

  2. Yep! My daughter is a trivia nut. How could she remember what movie someone was watching in another movie is beyond me.

  3. Ooh what an excellent post. Too bad i had no clue - until the last hint at the bottom which basically told me the movie the movie was The Grand Hotel :-)

  4. I'm enjoying the book, but getting impatient with wanting to watch the film.

  5. I'm a terrible person to ask about film, my knowledge of even the most basic, famous ones is almost nonexistent. However, I can relate to items from the library overdue before one is ready. Or, here's another favorite library situation of mine: every single book you put on hold comes in the same week. Wonderful stuff. Have a good time watching/reading!

  6. Exactly! And how can you resist a peek at the new book shelf when you go in to pick up those holds? And then you end up with a bag full of books.

  7. This was a fun post! I loved how you gave all the clues and then included us making us guess. I couldn't guess, though, I hadn't heard of that one, or maybe I wasn't paying attention. But it was a great idea.

  8. Grand Hotel the book was written in 1929, the movie (which was based on a play which waas based on the book) was made in 1932.