Friday, December 05, 2014

Picking Favorites - Week 1 - Month of Faves

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This was a week of great posts. Some recalled my own favorite reads (or want to reads) of the year and some introduced me to new (to me) material.  Others were pretty to look at and fun to read.

A couple called for immediate action:

  Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero leapt out at me from more than one list and landed smack on my TBR list. This wasn't just because of the spectacular cover. It was the notes in "comments" that sent me to my library's online catalog.  

Yippee!, it's available from another branch!  

Hold placed!

Dolce Bellezza's Favorites By a Theme  featured my favorite kind of reading: books in translation (to English). I especially liked her Italian section:
 ~Swimming to Elba by Siliva Avallone
e Potter’s Field hby Andrea Camilleri
~Ten by Andrej Longo
~The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante
~The Parrots by Filippo Bologna

Ten caught my eye because it is a collection of interlinked short stories--a format I especially like.  Alas, not available locally.

Placed on Amazon wish list. 

All of the Six Degree posts were intriguing but Traveling With T's not only linked the books individually, it also had an overall theme of dysfunctional relationships.  Loved it and her approach to it. 
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  1. I loved Traveling with T's post as well....but read it this morning...after I'd posted my faves!

  2. Picking faves was hard, it's all so good--looking forward to next week.

  3. AWW!!! Thank you for liking my 6 degrees of Separation post- I was SO unsure if I was doing it right or if people would even like it! #Happydance!!!

  4. So sweet of you to mention me here. I know what you mean about Ten (and many, many books in translation) begin hard to find. When I was reading for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize last year, I had to order most of them for my Kindle or Nook, and it became quite expensive. But, worth it! Looking forward to discussing more Italian books with you. When we find them! :)
    ~Bellezza (