Friday, December 26, 2014

Picking Faves-4

Week 4 Picking Favorites – a list you loved from someone else this week – link-up hosted at Girlxoxo
 A month long  blog event hosted by Estella's Revenge,

Impossible for me to pick favorites this week because I didn't look at all the entries. Nor did I post on Christmas Eve (books that deserved the hype).

But I did read and I did get some books for Christmas.

One thing I read was on Sarah's List of books she almost put down and is glad she finished:
I picked it up at the library on the 23rd, started reading it on the 24th, put it aside briefly to do some stocking stuffing and finished it just after midnight. Glad I stayed awake to finish it because it was really, really good. I loved the way it flowed seamlessly from one point of view to another.

I'm also glad I was awake because just as I finished the book I heard some creature stirring and was afraid it was a mouse getting into the edible stocking stuff. It wasn't a mouse or a "right jolly old elf," it was housemate/daughter in the kitchen having a snack attack. So we munched together and talked about feminism.

When I was in the library Tuesday to pick up Florence Gordon I also picked up one from Karsyn's list. I'll read this one later this week. Housemate/daughter is eyeing it and she may beat me to it.*

This was a good library trip: In addition to the two from your recommendations I picked up three from my wish list:  Manazuru by Hiromi Kawakami (which is one of the discussion books for January in Japan), On Immunity by Eula Biss, and The Murder of Harriet Krohn by Karin Fossum.
I also found  A Palace in the Old Village by  a Morroccan/French writer, Tahar Ben Jelloun, which looks interesting.

And one of my Christmas presents is the the eBook edition of a book I discovered  on  Dolce Bellezza's Favorites By a Theme during the first week of a Month of Favorites.

I know I will follow through on several other suggestions from the posts from this project.  How about you?

* update 12/27, 4pm, just found out she was eyeing it because she's already read it.


  1. How fun that you received the ebook of Ten! It brought me a side of Naples I never knew or experienced. Just now I am finishing the first in the Neopolitan trilogy by Elena Ferrante: My Brilliant Friend. It is a deceptively simple story of a childhood friendship carried on through the growing up of two women. I am again mesmerized. Perhaps you can find this series in your library? Let me know how you enjoy Ten, and I'm glad you received books for Christmas.

  2. I picked up the Ferrante book at a used book sale back in May. I plan to start it soon.

  3. I'm on Book Two now, just can't put this trilogy down. Nor could I wait for the hold on it at the library to come in. New Year's Goal? Perhaps some patience is required!

    It's been so nice to blog with you this month. Happy New Year, and I'm looking forward to more discussions in 2015!