Sunday, July 15, 2018

July (second week) 2018 Reads

A slow week for everything...

This week the "Deal Me In" card is the Jack of Spades; the story is The brown dog and the yellow flower from China by Nicolas Ancion; translated from the French by Marlon Jones (in Best European fiction 2015

from the library...

Learning to swim: and Other Stories by Graham Swift 

from my shelves... 

Fox by Dubravka Ugrešić; translated from the Croatian by Ellen Elias-Bursać and David Williams

Saturday, July 07, 2018

July (first week) Reads

No day trips during the beastly heat wave--just a quick trip to the library.

This week the "Deal Me In" card is the Three of Diamonds; the story is De Amicitia (in Orientations by W Somerset Maugham)


The Guardian's Poem of the week: Typewriter by Matthew Francis 
Loved the poem; the commentary (by Carol Rumens) following was OK even if it did remind me of those dreary lit classes where we picked at a writing until it was completely dead. 

'My daring grandfather took a bit of East Berlin for himself' by Elaine Chong
The story of  the Treehouse on the Wall, das Baumhaus an der Mauer.

from Project Gutenberg...
Cliff Dwellings of the Mesa Verde by Don Watson
Published in 1954 by the Mesa Verde Museum Association, Mesa Verde National Park. Colorado
Many photographs. I think I used this as a source for one of my junior high term papers.

from the library...

Fire and Knowledge: Fiction and Essays by Péter Nádas; translated from the Hungarian by Imre Goldstein

 from my shelves... 

Just Call Me Superhero by Alina Bronsky; translated from the German by Tim Mohr 

Lion Cross Point by Masatsugu Ono; translated from the Japanese by Angus Turvill 

Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina García

Saturday, June 30, 2018

June (24-30) 2018 Reads & Little Trips

Not many trips this week--too hot.

Monday - picnic Wickham Park,  Manchester/East Hartford. Not a state or city park. It's a private foundation. $5 a car entrance fee. Lovely gardens, nice picnic areas. 

Wednesday - picnic (with wading) Wadsworth Falls State Park, Middlefield/Middletown

This week the "Deal Me In" card  is the Two of Spades; the story is On the Beautiful Blue Danube by Georgi Tenev; translated from the Bulgarian by Angela Rodel (in Bat City Review, Issue 10, 2014)
The Danube is not anything near beautiful in this story of hazmat disposal.


The Two Most Beautiful Words in Doughnut Language  

 from my shelves... 

The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle
A pleasant read to fill in between more serious stuff. Actually this covered some serious stuff, but with a light touch. Not too dense.
Advance review copy from publisher.

Fashion Climbing. A Memoir with Photographs by Bill Cunningham; Preface by Hilton Als
It's fun to read a memoir by someone who had a passion for his work. This covers Cunningham early life and his struggle to make a living designing hats. Some inside stuff, some gossip, some goofy parties, and what it's like in the salons when designers parade their new lines. Fun to read. I was a bit disappointed that this didn't cover the latter portion of his life when he was a street photographer.
Advance review copy from the publisher.

Bat City Review, Issue 10/2014 (see here for contents)
Literary journal from the University of Texas at Austin. Poetry, Fiction, and Art. 

from the library...

In the Land of Eternal Spring by Alan Howard
Young Americans get tangled up in the 1960s political situation in Guatemala.

Crimes of the Father by Thomas Keneally
Difficult subject matter--child abuse.

Revolution!: Writings from Russia: 1917 by Pete Ayrton (Editor)

Three that I checked out for home improvement ideas:
Dream Porches and Sunrooms: Designing the Perfect Retreat
by Michael Snow
Pretty pictures and none of it fits my budget or daily life style. Nice places to visit.

Ultimate Guide: Porches by Steve Cory   
A couple of these might actually be something I would want to add to my house.

Ideas for Great Patios & Decks by Sunset Magazines & Books
Maybe, if I still lived in California...

Saturday, June 23, 2018

June (fourth week) 2018 Reads & Little Trips

Little trips this Week:
Monday - Picnic & swim (wading, didn't get my hair wet) Day Pond State Park, Colchester CT.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - a little trip to do some more exploring in the northwest corner of Connecticut. Stayed in a cabin at Lake Waramaug State Park. This is not a rugged wilderness.
Spent the three days just poking around the area, wandering , seeing  few local sites, and just relaxing. Very low-key.

Thur. Morning scenic drive to West Cornwall (covered bridge); afternoon wandering around village of Kent (live music at various outdoor venues)
Fri. Gunn Memorial Library & Historical Museum; Institute for American Indian Studies, both in Washington.

  Breakfasts:  Wed. home;  Thur. Nine Main Cafe, New Preston; Fri.  Noel's concession stand at Lake Waramaug State Park.
  Lunches:     Wed. picnic lunch (food from home) at cabin; Thur. J.P. Gifford Market and Catering Company, Kent followed by Ice Cream at Annie Bananie; Fri. Picnic at Black Rock State Park, Watertown (food from Marbledale Citco Quik Mart, New Preston)
  Dinners:  Wed. at cabin; Thur. Fantastic splurge meal on the terrace at Hopkins Inn on Lake Waramaug. 

Reading this week:
This week the "Deal Me In" card is the King of Clubs; the selection is Chung Wenyin, Flesh and Bone Translated from the Chinese by Jennie Chia-Hui Chu
A Taiwanese daughter visits a healer at her mother's insistence.

The Designers Who Made Disco: "The nightclub has always been a fiercely creative and radical architectural typology, a new exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum argues."  by Alice Bucknell

Gutenberg finds...
My Year in a Log Cabin by William Dean Howells
Will download this to Kindle and read next time we stay in a log cabin.

The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre
Didn't read yet.

from the library...

Murder in the Museum by John Rowland
I picked up this British Library Crime Classic at a library book sale as a relaxing read on a little trip. Perfect choice. I read it in a couple of days and left at a little free library at the campground.

Granada by Radwa Ashour; translated from the Arabic by William Granara 
Interesting novel  of a Moorish family during the Inquisition.

Knots: Stories by Gunnhild Øyehaug; translated from the Norwegian by Kari Dickson
A little uneven; mostly good. 

Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives by Sarah Williams Goldhagen

Saturday, June 16, 2018

June (third week) 2018 Reads & Day Trips

Another week of fantastic weather hence more picnics...

Sunday Drive - Picnic: Chaffinch Island Park, Guilford, CT. This is a beautiful municipal park. Ice Cream: Fenwick Ice Cream Co.

Thursday Drive - Glastonbury/Hebron area. Picnic: picked up food at Gardiner's Market (terrific market) then ate at the Glastonbury ramp for the Rocky Hill - Glastonbury Ferry. We decided not to cross on the ferry and drove around exploring the area. We ended up at Gay City State Park  Hebron, CT where we sat a spell enjoying the perfect weather (and munching store bought raspberry tarts).

Saturday (today) Drive - Picnic: picked up food from Pete's Weston Market (Weston CT--pricey but good food,a great selection of picnic stuff, and a nice bakery department petits fours! ) Ate at Putnam Memorial State Park Redding, CT.

So another week with not a lot of reading--just too nice not to go out and about. I did read a bit...

This week the "Deal Me In" card is the Five of Clubs; the selection is The Canal-Boat (in The Oxford Harriet Beecher Stowe Reader edited and with introduction by Joan D. Hedrick.)
This is the last of the Stowe selections for the short story challenge. I have been reading the other parts of the book and have now read the entire book. Great reading.

Project Gutenberg Compilation of 233 Short Stories of Chekhov by Chekhov
Wow!Of course I didn't read them all this week, but what a great resource.

Now here is a poem I can understand. 

Smith & Foulkes depicts an animated history of tennis for Wimbledon

And I've been spending a lot of time at The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) State Parks and Forests web site.

from the library..

The King Is Always Above the People: Stories by Daniel Alarcón
Good collection.