Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting started--Again!

Why do I keep doing this?  I just deleted two previous attempts at blogging on this site alone.  Then there were the two (or was it three) on LJ, a few on now defunct sites.  (I've been using the Internet since 19idon'twanttosay.)  The only ones I stuck with were work related obligations.  Those were quite successful.

What do I want to do here?  Write about my reading adventures.  Not necessarily book reviews.  I don't like writing reviews.  It takes too much time away from my reading.

Not a log of what I'm reading.  Goodreads is fine for that.

It's other stuff about reading.  Things like:

Today I found out that it is Robinson Jeffers' birthday.  So I pulled "Not Man Apart" from my little library to re-read.  I haven't looked at it in years.  There's always something new to discover when you re-read poetry.  This was promising because the pictures would take me back to California and Big Sur.  Nice, because it's snowing here in New England.

Midway through the book  I came to the poem "Gray Weather" which concludes with the Lines:

             In the cloudy light, in the timeless quietness,
             One explores deeper than the nerves
                    or heart of nature, the womb or soul,
             To the bone, the careless white bone, the excellence.

I stopped reading and looked out the window to the field  beyond my house.