Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bingo Thingo Meets J-Lit Read-along

Here's my card for the Bingo reading game

Note that I have already marked two squares on the center horizontal line. (My markers are hollow "beans."  maybe I should fill them in.)  The two titles are "All dogs are blue" and "Miss Anne in Harlem."   I gotta tweak this thing so things show up better. 

Yesterday at the library, I checked out a copy of the book for the January in Japan read-along. It will fit in either of two squares: blue cover or woman author.

I also checked out "Leaving the Sea," a book of short stories with a blue cover which I first heard about online.  Also, it was published this year.

Looks like "blue cover" will be pretty easy.

The center square will be a book I get on a giveaway, I have a few of those coming (the book is in the mail-in four to six weeks). 

My version of the game that says I can use a title on only one square.  But nothing stops me from putting more than one bean on a square.  Or should I do a second card?  Or four cards to go with my 100 book goal?  Hmm....

Two watery titles and no watery square.  A nice diversion when I take a break from reading would be to make up a bingo card using only attributes that aren't on this one.

I love retirement!

Back to my reading...

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