Monday, February 01, 2016

Online Reading Day

I started February with some online reading and exploring. In fact, I spent all afternoon web surfing and reading.

After I read the latest issue of Pithead Chapel, Volume 5, Issue 2 I did some web searches for other works by the contributors: Rebecca Chekouras, Chris Negron, and Carrie Grinstead (short fiction); Lori White and Elizabeth Gaucher (nonfiction); and  Sheila Miles (artwork). Not all have web sites, but searches led me to some interesting journals.

One that I had fun exploring is The Boiler "began in 2011 by a group of writers at Sarah Lawrence College. We publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction on a quarterly basis. We like work that turns up the heat, whistles, and stands up to pressure."  There is also some art.

Then I read Take the stairs on Chris Negron's blog. A delightful piece on exploring Nice, France on foot.  Another of his blog entries had several paintings by Mary Negron so I went off and found her web site where I "read" some paintings. 

Then back to Chris Negron's blog and following the links to some of his stories which led me to...
Split Lip Magazine and some more good stuff. 

And so went the day and I made no progress on the books I'm reading (see yesterday's post). 

Oops, time for some laptop maintenance--I think there are crumbs under the z key...


  1. neat, there's so much good stuff out there, I need a few more lives...

  2. Richt! My Internet/tv/phone service was out all day Sunday and I read like crazy!