Sunday, February 09, 2014

Stocking up on Snow Supplies

Snow was predicted for today.  So on Friday and Saturday we decided  we'd better lay in a few essential supplies.

My daughter had picked up a few books at the library earlier in the week and realized she'd checked out books 1 and 3 of a trilogy.  Only one nearby library had book 2 and it wasn't the library where I had a book waiting on the holds shelf.  So there were two chores that had to be done before we were snowed in.

I decided to go with her to pick up her book.  Oh boy, a library I haven't been to in several months!  Whee... I checked out 16 books.  She checked out 20.

Then on to the other library to pick up my hold.  She asked if I was going to browse.  I said I would if there was a line at check-out so she went in with me.
Need I say it?  We browsed.  We went easy on the browsing--only 4 books each.

      The neat thing was
              we each got a
                      Blind Date with a Book
                              I haven't opened it yet.
                                       I shall reveal it soon.

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