Monday, February 17, 2014


                                                    OR are you reading at all?

Yesterday I finished the amazing (as in 5 * amazing) An Unnecessary Woman. This got so deep in my head that I couldn't start another book, nor could I finish any that I had laid aside. A quote from the book says it all:

      “I thought I’d be reading a new book today, but it doesn’t feel right, or I don’t feel like it. Some days are not new-book days.”

I did some online housekeeping and watched a NCAA basketball game.

So what about today?  Another quote  (this book is full of great quotes and quotations):

    “Reading a fine book for the first time is as sumptuous as the first sip of orange juice that breaks the fast in Ramadan….I adjust myself in the reading chair, pull  my legs up. It’s going to be a long, voluptuous ride. The problem is to find a "fine book." 

 The protagonist in the book is surrounded by stacks of unread books and she usually takes the one on the top of a stack. It's usually the most recently acquired.

I am also surrounded by stacks of TBRs.  My stacks have a few added dimensions:  Library books, review copies, and the Kindle.  Library books are stacked by date due, ARCs by date of publication. If it's already been published and has tons of reviews, it's apt to sift to the bottom since I'm not good at writing reviews.  The Kindle has books I own, library books, and a dreaded ARC or two.  I love the Kindle but I don't like electronic ARCs.

So what do I do today?  I've already scooped the snow off the back steps and tossed down the ice melt, prepared a grocery list, and I'm in the comfy chair. 

Best option for today is probably non-fiction or short stories or may re-read some of the classics that are mentioned in An Unnecessary Woman.  Is Spinoza my answer? Project Gutenberg here I come!  Or not.

Maybe the Bill Gates recommended The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger. Sounds easier than Spinoza.

Sigh, maybe I'll go to and start another grocery list.      

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