Saturday, February 15, 2014

Net Reading

Back when I set my reading goals for 2012 I set this one:
Net Reading:  Read some things that are not about books!
By this I meant something other than book reviews, new release announcements, publisher sites, book news (Shelf Awareness, the Millions, and such), author sites, etc.
So what have I been reading?  The following is just a sampling.
  • Some interesting articles:
A history of the first Americans in 9½ sites   by Colin Barras
That's archeological sites, not web sites.

Largest Solar System Moon Detailed in Geologic Map by Jia-Rui Cook, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
Spotlight on  Jupiter's moon Ganymede.

Soursop by Julia F. Morton, Miami, FL
Someone put a can of Goya brand  Soursop (Guanabana) nectar in my Christmas stocking.  Of course I was curious and now I know what I'm drinking.  (I dilute it about half an half with seltzer over plenty of ice.)
This is from her book Fruits of Warm Climates which is fully (and freely) available on a Purdue University web site.   Some good stuff.

  •  Some non-book things I follow:  

The Travelzine by Don and Linda Freedman
Some really great travelogs and travel tips from experienced travelers.  Not a commercial site. (Discloser: I know these people)

Lots of foodie info: restaurant news, food trends, chef gossip, and other delicious stuff (and occasional--shh--book reviews)

Ptak Science Books   by  John Ptak
OK, OK, I know "Books" is in the title, but this is more about the science than the books.  And it is wonderful science, off-beat, usually understandable, and entertainingly educational.  I also follow him on Twitter.

The Curated Object 
"Sometimes whispering and other times shouting, objects have their own time and cadence. The Curated Object is interested in the exhibition of objects and those who find our engagement with them compelling. Objects act out all the time and revolt against us. Listening carefully is our quest."  Site has listings of exhibitions (worldwide in scope) and beautiful images from selected exhibitions.  I love this. 

@Matthias Rascher 
"On Twitter to share my interests: linguistics, literature, history, archaeology, art, design, photography, science, technology, music, Los Angeles, travel." He is in Northern Bavaria (Germany).  His tweets lead to a lot of interesting reading.

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