Sunday, May 13, 2018

May (second week) 2018 Reads

This wasn't much of a reading week. I've been reading steadily in several books and I'm enjoying the slow reading process. I've also enjoyed the better weather and have taken several day trips including a picnic on the Farmington River and a lunch at seafood place over in Rhode Island. On the way home from RI we stopped and had fabulous ice cream at Buttonwood Farm. Not a great weather day. It was drippy and chilly so we ate our ice cream in the car and watched the cows munch on bright green grass.

I did not get to this week's "Deal Me In" story. The card is the Jack of Hearts; the selection is Second Chance by Etgar Keret (in Watchlist : 32 stories by persons of interest). I'll pull another card and report on two next week.

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