Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bout Update (3) & Thursday Challenge

Bout of Books

Bout of Books 20

Thursday challenge:
Book recommendation "If you like.....then try..."

OK: If you like...a relatively quick but fascinating read that really can't be compared to anything else then try...The Madeleine Project by Clara Beaudoux.

The link is to the Goodreads page, my comments on the book are at my August (third week) 2017 Reads

Here's what I read on Wednesday 

Blogs, Tweets, Grams, etc.: spent a couple of hours looking at other participants updates (commented on a few). Some great reading and reading ideas there!
30 pages (approximately- counted blog entries & their comments as 1 page each; Tweets with their follow-ups as 1/2 page each; Instagrams as 1/4 page each. 

Buenos Aires: The Biography of a City by James Gardner
116 pages (23- 139) moving right along with this--am about halfway through.

Tómas Jónsson, Bestseller,
10 pages (88-98) less than I intended but it's not an easy book.

Monday :   80 pages
Tuesday:  116 pages
Wednesday:  156ish pages


  1. The Madeleine Project *does* sound really good!
    Happy Reading!

  2. Amazing how one can become obsessed by other peoples left behinds. It's like those odd things used as bookmarks that librarians and used book dealers find.

  3. so glad you discovered The Madeleine Project, I actually run recently a virtual book tour for it ( I can see you manage to read more every day, that's pretty cool, especially as you take time to visit other blogs as well

    1. I saw that you ran a book tour for The Madeleine Project. I was a subscriber to New Vessel Press--but alas, they are not currently offering a subscription service. But they did have a special offer for Women in Translation month so I bought the book directly from them.