Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Online Reading September 2014

Read Russia!: An Anthology of New Voices full text (PDF) available online free "...a new gift to American and English-speaking readers: thirty short works from Russia’s leading contemporary writers. This 448-page collection is weighty and substantial, yet is also just a taste of the stunning writing coming out of Russia today."
 I haven't started reading this, but it looks  promising.

Headache by Julio Cortázar; Translated by Michael Cisco;, Sept 3, 2014. Short story.  
     Note on The late Julio Cortázar was a sickly child and spent many hours in bed. Perhaps those  memories inspired “Cefalea,” the feverish story of the care and feeding of fantastical creatures called the mancuspias, which debuted in his 1951 collection Bestiario. is proud to share with you “Headache,” the first ever English translation of “Cefalea.”
 A strange story that had my head reeling. Wow!

The Horoscope Says by Antonio Ortuño; Translated by Eduardo Padilla; Mexico City Lit. Short story.
 A woman faces danger in her nightly walk home from the factory where she works.

There is not a lot of content on the site, what is there is interesting. No dates; contact, ownership, nor editorial staff information is given so it's hard to tell if it is an active site. The total "about" is:
  "Mexico City Lit is an English-language forum for writing related to Mexico City. Here you will find work by emerging and established Mexican and foreign writers, as well as features on leading Mexico City publishing houses and literary magazines."

The Bones by Henning Koch.  Serialized (9 parts) on The Quivering Pen blog. 
 I just started reading this novella. According to David Abrams of The Quivering Pen  "The Bones" is a funny, frightening vision of an unspecified future in which America is a wasteland society whose currency is oil.  Some would argue it's not much different from the current state of the nation.


  1. wow, thanks for the link to the Russian anthology!

  2. Enjoy! I still haven't started on it.