Sunday, September 07, 2014

September Plan Smashed

For a short week (no mail delivery on Monday, Labor Day) I ended up with a tall stack.
It started with my Tuesday trip to a meeting. Why, oh why, did we ever choose to meet in a library?
Well I resisted browsing the new book shelf, but right by the exit there was this rack of discards. At 25 cents each how could I walk on by?  (Dates in parentheses are dates rec'd, not publication dates.)

Community College used books:   (Sep 02)
The Story of Lucy Gault; William Trevor
Crimes in Southern Indiana: Stories; Frank Bill (love the cover)
The New York Trilogy; Paul Auster 
But when I got home there was mail...
and...there was more mail on Wednesday & Friday...

From LibaryThing win(Sep 02)
Monastery; Eduardo Halfon, Lisa Dillman (Translation)    
The Polish Boxer; Eduardo Halfon, Thomas Bunstead (Translation)

(Monastary was the actual win, publisher tossed in the other as an extra.) 

Shelf Awareness wins:
Ajax Penumbra 1969; Robin Sloan     (Sep 02)
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore; Robin Sloan     (Sep 02)
How To Be a Good Wife; Emma Chapman     (Sep 03) 

From Subscriptions:   
An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell; Deborah Levy (Sep 03) And Other Stories
Baboon; Naja Marie Aidt, Denise Newman (Translation)     (Sep 05) Two Lines Press
The Last Days of My Mother; Solvi Bjorn Sigurdsson; Helga Soffia Einarsdottir (Translator);  (Sep 05)  Open Letter   
So I said I'd read some of my backlog...and they sent me more. But I love these guys. And these covers!
From Blog wins:  
After I Do; Taylor Jenkins Reid    (Sep 03)
Survival Colony Nine; Joshua David Bellin     (Sep 05)

Then there was an Email from the library so I went there to pick up a hold (The Bone Clocks). I just took a glance at the new book shelf--I should have known better.
Public Library (Sep 05): 
The Hidden Child (Patrik Hedström, #5); Läckberg, Camilla
All Our Names; Mengestu, Dinaw
Evergreen; Rasmussen, Rebecca 
The Bone Clocks; Mitchell, David
The Pearl that Broke Its Shell; Hashimi, Nadia
Land of Love and Drowning; Yanique, Tiphanie

There is also another hold "in transit" which may mean "in limbo" since it's had that status for several days.


  1. cool! Sloan's book is awesome, loved it!

  2. I'll get to it someday. The Bone Clocks has priority since it can't be renewed.

  3. I love the cover of the Frank Bill, too. Irresistible! I'll be interested to hear how you find The Polish Boxer (if you have a chance to get to it) - I've heard good things about it, but I'm struggling to recall the source. Enjoy your reading..

  4. I'm eager to get to both the Halfon titles. The Bone Clocks is a bit of a slog. One of those books I can put down. At page 50 I said to my daughter, "I'm not liking this book." But I stayed with it. Now at page 100 I'm liking it a little better, but all those other books are waiting...

  5. I've got tickets for a David Mitchell event at the beginning of November so I'll be breaking my 'no-hardbacks' purchasing rule to buy a copy of The Bone Clocks while I'm there. What did you think of it in the end?

  6. Uh,er, I gave it only two stars on Goodreads. That may be harsh, but I had a tough time finishing it. When I returned it the librarian told me she really liked it.

    I just read Traveler of the Century. Loved it! The same librarian hated it.