Sunday, June 01, 2014

Japanese Literature Challenge 8

I've selected a few things for the challenge.

These three are my own copies, the first a recent used bookstore find. The two books of short stories are wins from Tony's January in Japan. (Thank you, thank you.)
I've been saving them for this challenge. 

The Journey; Osaragi, JirĊ; Ivan Morris (translator)
Blue Bamboo: Tales; Dazai, Osamu; Ralph McCarthy (Translator)
Still Life and Other Stories; Shono, Junzo; Wayne P. Lammers (Translator)

A Drifting Life; Tatsumi, Yoshihiro; Adrian Tomine (editor);  Taro Nettleton (translator)
This one is a humongous (800+ pages) biography in graphic format. I found it on the bookshelf at the community college library where I have a weekly meeting. I am intrigued. I'll start with this since it is a library book. Due in ten days but classes aren't in session so renewal shouldn't be a problem if I don't finish.
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage; Murakami, Haruki;  Philip Gabriel (Translator), Jay Rubin (Translator)
I was pleased to find that my public library already has this book on order, which means I was able to place a hold for when it comes in. I think I got in quickly enough to be at the top of the Queue.


  1. I read the tales in Blue Bamboo last year, and I quite enjoyed them. I wish Haruki's latest was out in English here in the States, I'd have read it already! It takes so long for his work to come here...glad you're participating in the challenge, welcome!

  2. I thought I'd left a comment here, but apparently not. I just wanted to say I read the stories of Blue Bamboo and liked them quite a bit, and also, I so wish I had the latest Murakami in my hands right now! Welcome to the JLC8!