Saturday, November 05, 2016

Six Degrees of Separation – from Never Let Me Go to ???

Once in a while I try one of these from the meme hosted by Books are My Favorite and Best

This  one starts with:

A book I didn't like from an author whose earlier work, Remains of the Day, I really did like.

Which reminds me of...

...another book I didn't like from another author I usually like. 

I loved the cover of this one, but it was the title, not the cover, that reminded me of...

...a book I read years ago and loved (more than anything else I read by Burgess).

So what else did I read  in the early 1960s that was new then and later became a classic?

Something completely different--a great road trip which reminds me of another great road trip...

...this one from the 1980s (  Blue Highways: A Journey into America by William Least Heat-Moon )

 This cover reminded me of...

...a cover I saw the other day on a post titled Book Bait: Choosing a Book by its Cover on The Australian Women Writers’ Challenge blog.

This is not exactly a road trip, it is a collection of "stories that...chart the relationships white Australians have with the land and the Indigenous people they share it with."

I want to read this book! I will probably have to buy it online because it is not something my local library is likely to acquire.

This was an interesting place to end up because it was another Australian Lit blog that led me to do Six Degrees this week--ANZ LitLovers LitBlog


  1. Here Where We Live is one of those cases where the cover puts me off, but since yours was the second recommendation for this book (the first being the AWW site) I looked some more & realised that this is definitely one for me to explore further.

    Thank you for making me look twice :-)

    1. That AWW post about covers was fun and it certainty added to my list of books to read.

  2. Brilliant chain! I need to learn to be as succinct as you explaining my links :-)

    Funny that you mention the Book Bait post because I also read that post and was drawn to Here Where I Live. It reminded me of one of the covers for Deborah Levy's Hot Milk (a book that I really enjoyed and can't stop thinking about).

    Thanks for joining in the meme and I hope you play again!

  3. Thank you, I enjoyed doing it. I plan to do it again.

    Where You Once Belonged by Kent Haruf has a similar cover to Here Where We Live, maybe that's what drew me to it.

  4. You've made me realise how long-winded my chain is - I need to be more succinct! I really liked Remains of the Day too and made it the first link in my chain. Here Where We Live sounds one I'd like!

    1. Thanks for stopping by...

      You are the second reader to mention my brevity. I try to keep my blog brief because I'd rather be reading than writing. However, I often that brevity take more time than long-windiness. But I'm an editor at heart so I don't mind.

      One of the entries in my blog that I'm proudest was a six-degree for a blog event back at the end 2014. Take a look--I hope you like it.

    2. Just read that blog post - perfect. I'll have a go at being brief with the next chain.

    3. Glad you liked it, I look forward to your next chain.

  5. OH crap, I mention my love of editing and then leave the s off the word "take." Sigh. So "...brevity takes more time..." is how that should read.

    1. I know - sometimes the quicker I try to be the longer it takes and I make more mistakes. :)

    2. Editing others is so much easier than self-editing.