Monday, May 02, 2016

April (second half) 2016 Reads

The balance of April.

Lab Girl ; Jahren, Hope
Memoir of a botanist. good. Library book.

One Out of Two ; Sada, Daniel; Katherine Silver (Translator)
A fun novella about twin sisters.  Library book.

I Refuse ; Petterson, Per, Don Bartlett (Translator)
A dysfunctional family, broken apart by the father's cruelty, the mother's desertion, and the children being sent to different foster homes. Told from multiple points of view with the friendship of the eldest child (a boy) and a neighborhood boy being central to the story.  Library book.

Salt to the Sea ; Sepetys, Ruta
YA novel follows three young adults fleeing Prussia in 1944-45 as the Russian forces advance. They are headed for the Baltic port Gotenhafen in hopes of being evacuated by sea. There they are aided by a young sailor. Told from four points of view--the three (a Lithuanian nurse, a Polish teenage girl, a [possibly fugitive] German soldier) and  the young sailor. Library book.

The Translation of Love ; Kutsukake, Lynne
Life in Occupied Japan. Library book.

The Method ; Vowler, Tom
Wonderful short stories by one of my favorite authors.


You Can Never Go Back
 A new short story by Joe Hart. Posted on his web site on April 17, 2016. Also see his guest blog The Adventure of Blending Genres on Stacy Alesi's

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