Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting ready for the Readathon

Shopping is done,  plenty of fruit, seltzer, sandwich stuff, cheese &
crackers, and COFFEE!
Time to set up the book stack.  Only two I'm sure of are 
A Land More Kind Than Home
Dept. of Speculation
The first since Cash's This Dark Road to Mercy worked so well for me last time. The second because it's short.

Others under consideration? One of these three from my new subscription:
Maybe one from my library books:
 Three novellas by Thomas Bernhard ; translated by Peter Jansen and Kenneth J. Northcott
Seven Japanese tales by cJun'ichiro Tanizaki; translated from the Japanese by Howard Hibbett
Half broke horses: a true-life novel by Jeannette Walls
The high divide: a novel by Lin Enger

Maybe whatever comes in the mail in the next couple of days.

But right now I have to fix the vacuum cleaner.

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