Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Quick and the read

I've done nothing on my blog all month. Also, my reading plan is all askew.  Blame it on The Quick, by Lauren Owen.  I won an ARC in a blog raffle. (Thank you, Unabridged Chick .) I put it in the black hole that is my TBR stack. That was sometime in June.  It would still be there but then I saw that someone I know had it on a wish list.  I decided to read it and pass it on. I started it Tuesday (the 15th) morning, right after I finished The Man Who Walked Away (library book due on the 15th).

It took over.

I usually have two or three books going at a time, alternating among them as my mood changes. I finished the Quick with no other books intervening. In this case my current read for the Japanese Lit Challenge The Journey, by Osaragi was put aside, S.E. Grove's The Glass Sentence  was put down (perhaps never to be picked up again), and 2 A.M. At The Cat's Pajamas (a really fun book) was barely started.  When I finished The Quick Wednesday night, I just didn't want to read anything for a while. Some books will do that to you.

And then there's this stack of books under consideration for Spanish Lit Month . I haven't even managed to select one.

Then there is Paris in July . At least I've read a couple set in Paris, but I really wanted to read something translated from the French.  Neither of these was:
The French Girl's War; Williams-Dalgart, Herb
 Autographed copy from author via Goodreads giveaway. I liked this story about a Jewish girl; set in the early stages of WW2. Not totally set in Paris, but her stay in Paris is important.
I Always Loved You; Oliveira, Robin
 Library book. Bio-novel of Mary Cassatt's Paris years. Interesting read.

And I wanted to write something about my trip to Paris--the one that was in July 198?.

 Last night (Friday) I finally read a bit of the Cat's Pajamas and am getting back on track. I've also been watching Le Tour, so maybe I'll make it to Paris before the month and Le Tour end.

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  1. I have The Quick from the library, but also The Luminaries which I stopped reading to read other things and wanted to get back to before starting another big long one!