Friday, May 06, 2022

April 2022

This is the month for posting some sort of alphabetical blog each day. Do I want to try this?  Nah...I was not in an alphabetical mood and I didn't feel like trying to blog every day.

But I did read every day and most of it was good. There was one total nonfiction dud.

Sea of Tranquility by Mandel, Emily St. John
 Moon colonies, pandemic, time travel...
Death in Venice by Mann, Thomas; translated from the German by Burke, Kenneth
 Because I'd never it before...and because I was reading'...
The Magician, a novel about Thomas Mann by Tóibín, Colm
The Impossible Us by Lotz, Sarah
  a fun alternate worlds read.
Last Orders by Swift, Graham
 Four mates journey to Margate to scatter a friend's ashes. 
Sleep of Memory by Modiano, Patrick
Hot Stew by Fiona Mozley
  Cast of oddball characters in Soho
Beyond Babylon by Scego, Igiaba; translated from the Italian by Robertson, Aaron; Introduction by Lahiri, Jhumpa
Hotel of the Saints by Hegi, Ursula
 Eleven short stories:  Hotel of the saints, The end of all sadness, A woman's perfume, Stolen chocolates; Doves, Freitod,  Moonwalkers, A town like ours, The juggler, For their own survival, Lower crossing.
Homicide and Halo-Halo by Manansala, Mia P.
 Her second in the series. This is better than the first.
Chevy in the Hole by Ronan, Kelsey
Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures
by Sheldrake, Merlin   
A Short History of Humanity: A New History of Old Europe by Krause, Johannes and Trappe, Thomas; translated from the German by Waight, Caroline
 A good intro to the science of Archaeogenetics focusing on European pre-historical migration.
Sun Hunting; Adventures and Observations Among the Native and Migratory Tribes of Florida, Including the Stoical Time-Killers of Palm Beach, the Gentle and Gregarious Tincanners of the Remote Interior, and the Vivacious and Semi-Violent Peoples of Miami.... by Roberts, Kenneth L.
 Humorous essays on the "snow-birds" of 1920-22.
Fox & I by Raven, Catherine
  Too much "I" too little "Fox."  I don't know what this was supposed to be but it turned out to be nothing. As nature writing it misses the mark. As a memoir it's just not that interesting.

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