Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March 2021

Now that I'm fully vaccinated I've resumed some activities but I'm still sticking to essentials. Next month I'll have a dental check-up and resume my mahjong games. Also can do more as my housemate will also be vaccinated. I read plenty this week--lots of library books plus one off my "owned-but-unread" shelves. Once again I think I added more to the latter than I read...

3/1   Library to pick up holds and browse! Yes, I went inside but only for about 5 minutes. 
3/4   Library (book drop only); JC Farms: Lyman Orchards 
3/10 Lab Work
3/11 CVS Cromwell
3/12 Eye Dr 
3/15 DR; Library; gas
3/16 Tree removal. I didn't leave home for this (other than moving the cars to neighbor's driveway) but I did have to interact with tree guy who was probably not vaccinated.
3/24  Library pick up & browse; Durham Dari-serv
3/24  Took E to Uconn (Munson) for 1st dose vaccine; Neil's Donuts

Fiction (roughly in the order I liked them but The Rib King was the only real disappointment among the fiction):
Dear Child by Hausmann, Romy; translated from the German by Bulloch, Jamie
Lost Girls: Short Stories by Morris, Ellen Birkett 
 A fine collection which I won from The Debutante Ball which featured an Interview with Ellen Birkett Morris
Elemental International short stories by various authors and translators (my copy)
The Caretaker by Arbus, Doon
Indelicacy by Cain, Amina
Mona and Other Tales by Arenas, Reinaldo; translated from the Spanish bt Koch, Dolores M.
The Bass Rock by Wyld, Evie
Inheritance from Mother by Mizumura, Minae; translated from the Japanese by Carpenter, Juliet Winters
The Glorious Ones by Prose, Francine 
Archipelago by Roffey, Monique
The Last Garden in England by Kelly, Julia
The Rib King by Hubbard, Ladee
  Started out fine but bogged down...I admit to a bit of skimming...
Nonfiction (three good, one meh, and a bomb):
Finding Dora Maar: An Artist, an Address Book, a Life by Benkemoun, Brigitte; translated from the French by Gladding, Jody
The Chiffon Trenches by Talley, André Leon
A Most Beautiful Thing: The True Story of America's First All-Black High School Rowing Team by Cooper, Arshay
The Next Great Migration: The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move by Shah, Sonia 
  this was kind of disjointed and, not exactly to the point (of the title), wish I hadn't bothered..
Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park by Knighton, Conor 
  Too much "I" more a memoir than a travelogue, he tried to give a thematic presentation but ended up just wandering. His skipping all over the place made me want to do the same with his book.  Didn't make me want to visit any park I haven't already visited (and some that I have visited were barely recognizable). 
 I somehow stumbled onto to the site Olive Oil Times which has a lot of good stuff of interest to the industry and the consumer, see:  Remains of 2,500-Year-Old Mill Discovered in Italy  and Volunteers in Italy and Spain to Track Spittlebug Activity both by Paolo DeAndreis. In addition to news there are producer profiles, health info, and a bunch of recipes.
Paolo DeAndreis
Paolo DeAndreis
 I was wondering about this as we ate our boxed take-out St Pat's dinner.
 Humm..wonder is this stuff will grow in Connecticut...according to the USDA apparently not...see  Plant Guide: Yaupon and Plants profile: Ilex vomitoria Aiton yaupon and Willis Orchard Company: Yaupon Holly Tree
Iceburger No, not some crazy frozen dessert. This is an oddly compelling site that lets you create an iceberg an see how it floats. 

How Cats Walk In case you were wondering...

10 Incredible Women of Route 66 by Candacy Taylor (Moon Travel Guides). Interesting sidelights for a road-trip. A couple of the links are broken but easily found by Googling. The hotel in Winslow, AZ is where I want to stay if I ever go to the area again. (We stayed at a Holiday Inn in Williams on our cross country trip in 2001.)

 by Hana Abdel & Christele Harrouk

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