Tuesday, June 02, 2015

May 2015 Reading

Once again a list with few comments. List is in reverse order of my reading

The Rocks; Nichols, Peter
Library book. Set in Mallorca. Good sense of place.

The Well; Chanter, Catherine
Library book.

Esperanza Street; Keni, Niyati
Personal copy.

Bastards: A Memoir; King, Mary Anna
Free  Advance review copy via Goodreads First Reads program

Game of Mirrors; Camilleri, Andrea;
Library book. Mystery set in Sicily. Along with the mystery there is a lot of eating. I was especially intrigued by arancini,  stuffed rice balls, which I think are available from a local deli--I must try some!

The Oysters of Locmariaquer; Clark, Eleanor
Personal copy. (Kindle ed.)

Beneath the Bonfire: Stories; Butler, Nickolas
Library book. 

Ten; Longo,Andrej;  Howard Curtis (Translator)
Personal Copy (Kindle ed.) Gritty stories, set in Naples.

The Brewer of Preston; Camilleri, Andrea;
Library book.Lots of fun. Liked it better than his mystery (see above). But I did pick up a couple of the mystery series at the library book sale.

Whisper Hollow; Cander, Chris
Library book. Liked this very much. Also her short stories (see below)

Marie Pontonnier: Montreal Pioneer; Cote, Carol Ann P.
Free from author via Goodreads First Reads program

The Red Notebook; Laurain, Antoine; Jane Aitken (Translation), Emily Boyce (Translation)
Library book

The Mapmaker's Children; McCoy, Sarah
Advance review copy from publisher. My least favorite of this month's reads.

Guys Like Me; Fabre, Dominique; Howard Curtis (Translation)
Personal Copy

Dream of Ding Village; Lianke, Yan; Cindy Carter (Translation)
Library book.

11 Stories; Cander, Chris
 Library book. Author's piece "The First Time I Saw A Stranger Reading My Book" on The Quivering Pen convinced me to read her books. I liked them both very much.

Once on a Moonless Night; Sijie, Dai; Adriana Hunter (Translation)
Library book

Waiting for Columbus; Trofimuk, Thomas
Library book